Trusted Manufacturer of Marble, Porcelain, Quartz & Granite Steps, Handrail & Countertops in Connecticut and New York City (NYC)

Time Marble & Granite Inc. is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of high quality marble, granite, quartz and porcelain tiles for residential and commercial properties in Connecticut, NYC and surrounding areas. We offer all-natural and durable marble, granite, quartz and porcelain tiles for kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, steps, handrails, pool tiles and other home and business decorating and furnishing purposes.

We Import High Quality Marble, Granite, Quartz, Porcelain & Natural Products in NYC

Aside from being a trusted manufacturer of high quality tiles in Connecticut and having our own factories in NYC, Time Marble & Granite Inc also imports quality products from different parts of the world. We import our marble, granite, quartz and porcelain tiles from China, Brazil, Spain, Italy and India for our Connecticut, NYC and U.S market. These imported products include practically any type of beautifully crafted products for your home including but not limited to granite countertops, granite handrails, granite steps, porcelain tiles, slate flooring, quartz countertops, quartz floor tiles, quartz steps, paving stones, marble steps and fireplaces, mosaics, step treads, slabs, sinks, banisters, waterjet medallions, paving stones, vanity tile tops, marble handrails and marble countertops.

Custom Fabrication of Countertops, Tiles, Handrails & Steps

Time Marble & Granite Inc understands how custom made countertops, tiles, handrails, and steps are becoming popular in today’s market. That is why we offer our clients more options than settling for what are already available. We offer custom fabrication of our granite, quartz, porcelain and marble products. Our experts can cut countertops to custom sizes that will fit your home and business kitchen design and project in Connecticut and NYC. Our team has the experience and state of the art equipment for cutting and fitting any type of our granite, quartz, porcelain, marble and stone to your exact design specifications.

Our Experience

Time Marble & Granite Inc has been in the business for several years. Though we are a young company, our commitment to provide high quality and affordable marble, porcelain tile, quartz and granite steps, handrail, countertops and other products is the reason why we have earned the trust of many property owners in Connecticut and NYC. This is also the reason why our company has become one of the top marble, granite, quartz and porcelain tile manufacturers in

Connecticut, NYC and surrounding areas

Over the years in the business, we have built relationships with different construction companies and homebuilders. With years of experience in the industry, working relationships through Connecticut and NYC area, team of experts, high quality equipment, recognitions and achievements, we at Time Marble & Granite Inc guarantee that you only get the best marble, porcelain tile, quartz, granite and other natural stone products and services.
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If you are not sure what is the right kitchen countertop for you NYC home or you are looking for professional stone manufacturer for your steps, handrails, flooring or countertops in Connecticut, contact Time Marble & Granite Inc today.

Feel free to browse through our website and check out some of our available products available. Contact us today and let our experts help you find and choose the perfect products for your property anywhere in Connecticut and NYC. Next time you need a professional marble, porcelain tile, quartz, granite manufacturer or kitchen countertops supplier, count on Time Marble & Granite Inc. to cover all your stone and masonry needs. Just send us a message or drop by our office to discuss your project to one of our expert consultant.

We ship worldwide and accept wholesale orders for our kitchen countertops, granite handrails, marble steps, porcelain tiles and other natural stone products. We are proud to serve homes, private houses, businesses, corporate offices and commercial properties anywhere in Connecticut, NYC and surrounding areas.