Exterior Materials

Ball: Round design used on top of post and cap.
Banister: We carry in round and square designs. Flat banisters come in different height. Angle banister, used on top of steps, is only available in 36”.
Cap: Cap is used on the top of the post, below the ball or pineapple.
Flamed Tile: Outdoor tiles with rough finish. They are available in different sizes and thickness.
Flower Pot: Decorations for both outdoor and indoor.
Handrail: Used on top of the banisters. Some use handrail as wall caps. They come in four different designs.
Peak: Pyramid design used on top of brick columns or post. No cap is needed.
Pineapple: Same function as ball but in pineapple design.
Post: Columns used in front of stairs or corner end of rails.
Raiser: This is the piece that sits on top of step treads.
Step: Also known as treads. Flamed finished with different length and width available.
Wall Cap: Used on top of the wall. It has the same function as handrail, just that wall cap is in flamed finish.
Window Sill: A piece of stone used under the window. Finish is also flamed.

Interior Materials

Boarder: Decorative purposes. Used as moldings.
Granite Tile: View our entire granite tiles that we carry.
Marble Tile: View our entire marble tiles that we carry.
Marble Sinks: Top sinks
Medallions: Different colors of marble joined together to make one big medallion. Available in square and round shapes. Surface finish is polished.
Mosaic: Small pieces joined together to make one sheet of 12”x12”. They come in different design and shapes.
Ogee Molding: Decorative purposes.
Pencil: Decorative purposes.
Saddle: A piece of stone under the door that divides one room from another.

Kitchen & Bath

Pre-Cut Countertops: Ready made countertops in 6 FT, 8 FT, 9 FT by standard width (25 1/2”). Backsplashes also available pre-made.
Fabrication Jobs: Know more about our fabrication services. We template, fabricate and install.

Special & Custom

Special Orders: We custom made almost anything from our China Factory such as fireplace, monuments, status, water fountains, etc. Once order is confirmed, it takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks to arrive to our NY warehouse.