Time Marble & Granite Inc. set up its company in the 90s in China. We set up our New York branch in 2003. Our business in New York is developing very well. We are expecting to expand our company nationally and globally in the future. We are now a major supplier/manufacture in NY stone product market. We offer a competitive package with high quality at low cost. The demand for free lance salesman never ends. We welcome everyone to become a part of Time Marble.

If you think you are interested in becoming one of our salesman (work on commission base only), feel free to contact Helen at NYC office. We welcome you to be the sales agents, users, or partners of the company and hope to open up wider opportunities.

Wholesale Inquiry

Over the years, we have offered our customers with our high quality products, excellent customer service, competitive prices, and next day deliveries. Thus, we have become one of the major suppliers to retailers, masonry yards, contractors, as well as end users. Our major channels of distributions include but not limited to mass merchants, landscaping dealers, architects, fabricators, designers, builders, and hard flooring dealers.

If you are interested in become part of this mass productive industry, you can easily become part of it. There’s no need for a warehouse. If you have a shop, we will provide you with sets of our samples for you to display. Whenever you received an order, we can deliver the materials to your showroom or to your customer directly. It’s easy and convenient.